Three times each year in January, April and September, Shaggers of the world migrate to North Myrtle Beach (Ocean Drive), South Carolina for shagging, socializing and fellowship at the SOS member clubs in OD. These gathering of approximately 8,000 SOS members brings back the fun of the beach years, “where it all began.”

Founded in 1980, the Society of Stranders (S.O.S.) is an organization that enjoys, upholds and perpetuates the traditions of beach and shag music and shag dancing. S.O.S. is widely recognized for its three yearly adult parties (Mid-Winter Party in January, the Spring Safari in April and the Fall Migration in September) at North Myrtle Beach (Ocean Drive), SC. The Mid-Winter party is held the third week of January for 4 days. Both SOS Spring Safari & Fall Migration events are ten days in length, and encompass the majority of the local lounges within walking distance. Inside these participating lounges, the best Disc Jockeys from all over the East Coast play the hottest new and old beach and shag tunes.

It is non-stop fun from early in the day until the wee hours of the morning. People go to these events to shag, enjoy the music, and see old friends and make new ones. Started as a small reunion of friends, they are now attended by approximately 8,000 members.

Lake Hickory Shag Club sponsors a party for their members at the Fall Migration in September. The members may have guests at a nominal fee.

Go once, and you will find that yearly return trips become a time-honored tradition.

The website for all SOS events:  www.shagdance.com

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